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Hola. Soy Ana Maria. Este blog esta enfocado en la publicacion de recetas. Merci es mi mama quien tuvo un talento admirable para la cocina.  Yo no herede su talento pero si herede su gusto por la cocina. Ademas de sus recetas personales tambien publicare recetas que encuentro en diferentes revistas, libros, etc que haya cocinado yo y que me hayan gustado.  Algunas recetas estaran publicadas en espanhol. Otras en ingles.

Hello. I am Ana. This blog is called “Merci’s Recipes”. Merci was my mom who had an outstanding talent for cooking. While I did not inherit her talent, I inherited her love of cooking. I frequently get asked for her recipes or for other recipes that I have collected over the years so I finally decided to put them in a blog where they are available at all times.  Some of the recipes are published in english. Some are published in spanish.

My Web Sites:

www.AnaMariaEcheverri.com (Personal Web Site)

www.NewPinkPower.com (Women Empowerment Blog)

www.WomenCorporateDropouts.com (Blog for Women Entrepreneurs)

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